Numeracy Instructional Model

The HWHPS Numeracy Instructional Model has been designed and implemented to ensure consistency across the classes. This means no matter which classroom you enter, numeracy lessons follow the same structure, maximising student outcomes and engagement.


The HWHPS Mental Computation Continuum provides staff and families with the mental mathematical expectations of students at different stages of school.

This assists to ensure that all strategies and skills are scaffolded, allowing students to confidently move from skill to skill throughout their schooling.

The Math Problem Solving Toolbox

The Maths Problem Solving Toolbox is a set of strategies that students can use to solve mathematical problems.

The purpose of the toolbox is to show students that there is generally a range of different approaches to the same problem. This toolbox simplifies the search and describes the most useful strategies.

Students use the toolbox when they are faced with a mathematical problem they are unsure how to solve.


We differentiate the curriculum within each sub-strand based on the achievement standard results and create a tailored paper-based and online curriculum for each student, group or class.

My Numeracy acts as a formative assessment model with an interactive teaching and learning function that enables each student to progress through each proficiency standard of each achievement standard of the curriculum.

Numeracy Week