Parent Clubs

Purpose of Parents Club

Working in cooperation with the Principal and School Council, the Club aims to:

    • contribute to the wellbeing of the school community

    • encourage the participation of all parents in the life of the school and the education of their children

    • provide opportunities for parents to get to know each other and to be informed about their child’s school

    • provide opportunities for parents to extend their understanding of school operations, and general education policy

    • contribute to proposals on school policy and other educational issues (as identified or discussed with the Principal or School Council)

    • raise funds for the benefit of the school.

Parents’ Club Values

The Club commits to upholding the following values:

    • respectful partnerships

    • clear and honest two-way communication

    • transparent processes

    • democratic, informed decision-making.

All parents are welcome to attend Parents Club meetings.

Horsham West Parent's Club

New members bring fresh ideas and different approaches that our Parents’ Club can embrace, allowing us to move with the times. Whether you are experiencing school for the first time or you have children already at the school, we invite you to come and see what our Parents’ Club is all about.

The Horsham West Parents’ Club has created a Facebook page to communicate with you, our school community. This page will be used for information and reminders about activities at our school. Check out updates from the Horsham West Campus Parents Club below.

Parents Club enjoys sharing our achievements and we would like to take this opportunity to thank the school community for their support.

In 2021 Parents’ Club has raised just under $11,000 for the school community. This year we have been able to contribute funds to the following activities and equipment for our school.

  • The external painting has been completed which finally allowed the Parents’ Club to contribute the $10,000 raised at the “Fete for Paint” held in 2017.

  • Inside the Classrooms we have contributed to some new equipment for the Prep classrooms; 20 Wobble stools and some Decodable Readers also for the Preps.

  • Each year Parents Club helps the school celebrate the achievements of the graduating Grade 6 class by contributing funds to the Graduation Certificates & Medallions.

Parents Club has committed $15,000 to upgrade some landscaping projects that are planned to finalise the redevelopment of the Prep and I/2 areas, hopefully, this works will be done in 2022.

Thank you to all the members of the committee, without you none of this is possible to coordinate. Parents Club would like to make a special mention to Maree Woodhart who has been Treasurer for many years and has contributed countless hours to the school and Parents’ Club.

Haven Parent's Club

We have an active Parents’ Club Committee that meets once a month ~ check our calendar on the homepage for meeting dates and times.

We welcome new parents, their ideas and enthusiasm to our committee. Money is raised to purchase general items and resources for the children.

The Haven Primary School Parents' Club has created a Facebook page to communicate with you, our school community. This page will be used for information and reminders about activates at our school. Check out updates from the Haven Campus Parents Club below.

During 2019, the Haven Parents’ Club funded:

  • Learning materials - $92.03

  • Classroom Books - $297.30

  • Grade 6 graduation gifts - $287.64

  • Fresh Fruit Tuesdays - $756.40

  • Sports Uniforms - $750

  • Top Ten Numeracy Library - $1,599

The big achievement for 2019 was hosting "Run for Cover", a colour run obstacle course which successfully raised over $14,000. This money is the Haven Parents’ Club contribution towards a planned new multipurpose building at the Haven campus.

The Haven Parents’ Club hosts many activities throughout the year. Some of the regular programs include:

  • Fresh Fruit Tuesdays – Every Tuesday, fruit is prepared and delivered to each classroom. All the fruit is supplied and cut up by helpers.

  • Monday BBQ – Parents cook a barbecue each Monday, so children can enjoy a hot lunch.

  • Mother’s Day Stall – We provide the children the opportunity to go shopping for a special gift in a supported environment.

  • Meal Deals - once a term we organise a pre-ordered lunchtime "deal" that includes a drink and special snack. Usually a "treat" food that the kids look forward to and gives parents a break from packing sandwiches!

During 2020, we look forward to the planning and construction of our new building. We have plans for new fundraising activities that are family friendly and we are always looking at ways to spend money to improve the opportunities for children's learning and experiencing fun at Haven campus.

President: Johanna Gellatly

Vice President: Michelle Stehn

Secretary: Jodie Rabl

Treasurer: Maree Woodhart


President: Pamela Deckert

Vice President: Angela Dicker

Secretary: Breanne Mills

Treasurer: Brooke Perry

Assistant Treasurer: Aimee Jochinke