What is the AeroSchools program?

AeroSchools is an exciting program designed to give an introduction to aerobics where basic moves form a routine to high energy music. Students can expect a good aerobic workout, increases in strength, flexibility and coordination plus loads of fun, fitness and friendships when they participate.

What is the purpose of the AeroSchools program?

The purpose of the AeroSchools program at HWHPS is to give students an opportunity to try something new while participating in a team environment. It allows students to find a new passion they may not have otherwise found. It is an opportunity to represent their school and their town in a state wide competition and also encourages students to become involved in the Horsham community.

What do the kids to get out of the program?

Firstly, participating in AeroSchools is great fun. But there is so much to get out of AeroSchools. Student will make new friends, increase their fitness and coordination and practise persisting when facing a challenging routine.

Children will also have the opportunity to take ownership of the AeroSchools program through fundraising, advanced students can assist in coaching the beginner groups and students have the opportunity to choreograph and perform a routine that they have made themselves in Term 4.

Competitions, performances and successes

Last year, AeroSchools participants were able to participate in many excursions. This included performing at the Victorian AeroSchools Competition in Melbourne. Two HWHPS teams were entered into the competition and received 3rd and 4th placings, an awesome effort for the first year of the program being run at our school.

Students also perform in the Horsham community, this included Ingenia Gardens, Horsham Plaza and the Kannamaroo festival.


"I’ve always liked to dance and I like that in AeroSchools, the routines are so fast. I like performing in front of assemblies and at competitions. We want more people to join so that our dances look cooler. The more dancers, the better the look, the better the performance."

"I like that we train in teams and when we perform at different places. People should do AeroSchools if they are interested in aerobics, training and competing for the school."