STEAM Learning

STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics)

Commencing in 2022, HWHPS will be investing in the introduction of a STEAM Specialist Program to be delivered throughout the school year. It is an exciting time for our school community and students and we are looking forward to getting our STEAM Specialist Program underway.

The Science program is taught to Years 3-6 during Terms 3 and 4.

Science at the Horsham West Campus is delivered with a ‘hands-on’ approach. Students explore the unknown, investigate mysteries, make predictions and solve problems. An overlying focus on sustainability runs throughout the program.

Students investigate the areas of chemical, earth and space, physical and biological science.

Children are encouraged to think about and investigate the world around them on a local, national and global level and apply what they learn to their own lives.


The Team

Robot Game

Collaboration & Team Work

Judging Time

At Horsham West and Haven Primary School we believe in providing opportunities for students to be extended and challenged. We provide students with opportunities to participate in engaging programs, that focus on developing problem solving and critical thinking skills that equip students with life long skills, that are transferable across industries world wide.

Our Robotics journey began in 2017 when the Horsham West and Haven Campuses entered our inaugural First Lego League competition held at Swinburne University Knox City. From there our program has continued to evolve with the number of students growing each year. In the past two years both campuses have competed in the Mount Gambier First Lego League competition.

Our Robotics program allows students to demonstrate the school values of:


Through the engineering design phase where students create and design a robot to solve complex missions on a game board


Students are able to continue to follow their passions of science, engineering and mathematics through a program that develops critical thinking and problem solving skills that are transferable across industry


Students are able to approach challenges in an optimistic way, looking for solutions, expecting good results and celebrating success with their team


Students are able to listen to each others ideas and offer solutions in a respectful way, they are kind and polite to each other and model the expected school behaviours

To find out more about the program that our students participate in please click on the link below.

Human Powered Vehicles