English As An
Additional Language

At Horsham West, we are proud of our cultural diversity. We have numerous students with a connection to another country, their people and their way of life. Many of our EAL families come from all over the globe and bring with them their language, skills, food and culture. We have at least 40 students with a language background other than English! It is also important that we embrace multiculturalism and celebrate our differences as well as share in our similarities. This is what brings a community together.

Languages other than English spoken in our Horsham West Community

Cebuano, Turkish, Malayalam, Dinka, Hindi, Yoruba, Dutch, Japanese, Chinese, Gujarati, Karen, Afrikaans and Nepali

Heather manages the English as an Additional Language program for the Wimmera region. She works with schools in addressing the language and learning needs of EAL students across the Wimmera.

Hser Wah is an important link between the school and our Karen community. She provides extra support for students in the classroom and supports communication between parents and our school.