Intervention Programs


The Speech Trained Assistant Program (S.T.A.P.) is an additional learning program that supports students who have difficulty or delay with articulation of sounds and/or language development. 

Students participating in S.T.A.P. (with parental permission) are withdrawn from the classroom for approximately a twenty minute session, usually twice a week, working individually or in a small group with a teacher aide facilitating the program. 

S.T.A.P. facilitators at Horsham West and Haven Primary School, who all work under supervision of the Department of Education and Training Speech Pathologists:

Tutor Learning Initiative

The Tutor Learning Initiative will make sure that children who need extra, targeted learning support can get the help they need in 2023. Support is available for children who need it most across all year levels.

The tutors provide targeted teaching to their students. This may involve taking part in small group learning in a class setting or outside of regular class.