Student Leadership

School Captains

Ilze - Horsham West School Captain

I've always wanted to be able to not just make my school a better place but also a kind, friendly and safe place to learn. Which gave me the motivation to go for School Captain.

Being a School Captain is not just about running assemblies but it also requires a role model for others, showing all the school values such as respect, positivity, passion, and responsibility. The really cool thing about being School Captian is that people see you as a leader and a person that does the right thing.

I really like helping people if they have any problems or cheer them up if they are sad because it makes me feel good as a person and that's why I thought of being School Captain. I feel so honoured of being a leader of my school. The fact that I've been voted to be a leader is just such an achievement, which is a great feeling.

Josh - Horsham West School Captain

I love Horsham West because I love the people here and all the different subjects like Mathematics and PE. I like the teachers because they are fun to be taught by and I also like the lessons they create.

I tried out for the School Captain role because it would be a new and different experience. I also did it because I would be able to lead the younger students.

The perks of being School Captain is that we get cool badges with our names on them. We also get to run assemblies which are fun to do.

Huon - Haven School Captain

Anderson - Haven School Captain


Willow - Horsham West Vice-Captain

I became School Vice-Captain because I wanted to give myself a challenge. Also, I wanted to lead the school and help out in the community. I love our school because it is so inclusive and everyone is welcome no matter who you are or where you are from. As School Captains, it is our job to make everyone welcome.

The perks of being School Vice-Captain is we get these cool gold badges with our names on them. We also get to run assembly and people look up to us. Another plus, is we get to be role models.

Jack - Horsham West Vice-Captain

I love that at Horsham West we have lots of opportunities and I have a lot of good friends who are kind, supportive and funny. The teachers are kind, understanding and supportive.

Some of my favourite activities to do at school includes; PE, Performing Arts, Maths and many more. I tried out for a leadership role because we get to run assemblies, get badges with our names on and get to help out around the school.

Horsham West House Captains

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Wattle House

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Dianella House

Haven House Captains

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Southern Diamonds House

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Western Pyramids House

Junior School Council

Horsham West Campus

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The Junior School Council is a way for students in years 2-6 to not only voice their opinions on different topics around the school, but also to learn and practise leadership skills. The representatives are voted on by their peers, and are expected to model the school values of Respect, Positivity, Creativity and Passion!

The Junior School Council meets every 3 weeks and they discuss a range of topics from fundraising, to student welfare and any issues that may arise from everyday student life. The Year 6 coordinators meet to discuss our minutes with the Principal after each meeting to ensure we are communicating with the school leadership team effectively.

Previously the Junior School Council have run school discos, organised Talent Shows (The West Factor), facilitated our school’s participation in Jump Rope for Heart, run a food drive, sponsored animals at the Hall’s Gap Zoo, and had out of uniform days to raise money for farmers, cancer research, bushfire recovery, Movember, Breast Cancer awareness and many, many more deserving charities.