BYOD iPad Tranisition FAQ

Please find below the answers to Frequently Asked Questions in regards to the BYOD iPad Meraki Migration for 2020/21. If you need specific assistance or have questions that aren't on here you would like answered, please contact James Mutch via XUNO Messaging.

More answers to FAQ's will be added to this page over the next few days.

Prior to Migration

Q1 - Is signing out of iCloud all we have to do?

If your child/ren do not want to save any Photos or Videos off their device prior to the migration, that is all you need to do.

Q2 - I have a Student in Year 2 or 3 this year (2020), do they need to also have this completed?

In 2020, we are migrating students who are in Years 4 & 5 in 2020.
In 2021, we are migrating students who are in Years 3 & 4 in 2021.

Q3 - How do we backup the Photos and Videos on an iPad if the iCloud Storage is full?

The next best way is to use the Google Drive App to save those important memories on the Google Cloud instead.
Each student has an unlimited School Google Drive that they can use for this purpose (username ending in
Alternatively, you can connect the iPad to a computer and copy the pictures from the iPad that way.

Some Parents have found it easier to email or send the important pictures to their device via AirDrop or iMessage or Email.

Q4 - I haven't had time to backup the photos and videos yet, can we do the migration another day?

Yes, we are here to help and are happy to move the migration of your child/ren device to another day. The migrations will be completed over a two week block (25/11 -> 10/12) and we can simply delay the change until you are ready.

We are also happy to help your child/ren backup their memories in school time, just send in a note with the iPad and we will make sure we touch base with the student prior to migration.

Q5 - Is this going to remove their Photos, Videos and other items stored on their iPad(s)?

Yes, the migration will remove all content off the BYOD iPad, as the first step of the transition is to 'factory reset' the device. Apps can be easily re-downloaded after the transition from the App Store. For Photos and Videos, you can use iCloud or Google Drive to back up the content, if you wish. There are also other ways that some parents have used, including sending the important memories to their account / device / email.

As per above, we are more than happy to help. To arrange assistance, please message us on XUNO Messaging.

Q6 - The backup of their Photos and Videos is taking a long time, can I drop the device in at another time?

Yes, we understand that some students may have a large number of photos and videos on their devices.
We are completing the migration over a 2 week window and would be happy to complete your child/ren's iPad migration another day. However, please bear in mind, it is important that we complete this migration as soon as possible to ensure we are providing students with a safe and secure Online Learning Environment.

Q7 - I'm not very good with using Technology, what is the best way to get help?

We understand that Technology isn't for everyone, and we all need a Tech-Savvy Friend. We are here to help!

If you are comfortable with giving the Apple ID details to your child/ren for them to type them in at school, we can sit down with your child/ren and help them through the entire process.

It should only take a moment to backup the content they want to keep and we can help them to sign back in, before the device comes home.

If we miss setting anything back up on the device, and you would like help, please contact us via XUNO or by phoning the School Office and we will get it completed ASAP for you. :)

Q8 - I've purchased a new iPad for next year, do I send the new one in or the old one?

It is entirely up to you.
If you send the old one in, we will complete the migration on it and it will continue to work into 2021.
If you send the new one in, we will complete the migration on the new device (it will start working at school straight away) and the old device will stop working at school at the end of the 2020 School Year.

Q9 - Are you doing just H45 and not the H34 class on the 26/11?

We have scheduled Home Group H45 on Thursday the 26/11.
We have scheduled Home Group H34 (ONLY Year 4's) on Wednesday the 2/12.

Q10 - We are relocating at the end of this year, do we need to complete the migration?

No, the migration does not need to be completed in this case.

Q11 - What is the reason behind having to factory reset the device?

In order for us to provide a safer and more secure online learning environment, we are moving BYOD iPads to a new system called Meraki.

As a part of installing this program, we, unfortunately, need to reset the device to factory settings.

Q12 - What would happen if a child can not backup their device and they lose all the data stored on it?

If you would like, we are happy to sit down with your child/ren that have iPads and help them save the Photos and Videos that they may want to keep, to their school cloud account.

That way they will still be there after we reset the device. If there are special circumstances in regards to the important of this step, please make us aware of that via a XUNO Message and a note on your child/ren's device.

Q13 - I'm not sure if I have backed up my child/ren's content properly, is there a way I can check?

Yes there is. The best option is for your child/ren to ask to check with one of our IT Technicians to ensure that their important memories are saved in a safe place prior to the migration.
If there are special circumstances in regards to the important of this step, please make us aware of that via a XUNO Message and a note on your child/ren's device.

Q14 - We've tried signing out of iCloud, but it's telling us it's unavailable due to restrictions?

The ones we have seen so far that we could not sign out of iCloud, all had Screen Time set either via the Parents Apple device or on the students iPad.

If you are happy for your child/ren to have the Apple ID password, we will complete this step with them at school, via another method.

Q15 - Will the iPad still function at home as it did before the migration, with games etc allowed to be played at home?

After the transition, games can be re-downloaded from the App Store (ones you have already purchased can be downloaded for free). We will be setting restrictions for School Use that will be automatically removed when the student goes home and then reapplied when they arrive at school.

Q16 - Are we able to sign back into Apple after the reset?

Yes, You will be able to sign back into Apple once the change has occurred.

Q17 - My child has games that have completed levels, can these be backed up or just photos and files get backed up?

For the games with level progress, it is different for each game. Some automatically backup your progress to Game Centre and iCloud, however, some do not. Unfortunately, we won't know for each individual game app until after the migration.

That was definitely a common question with students and my advice to them was Summer Holidays is a perfect chance to re-level up if you have to start the game again. Treat it as an opportunity to challenge your memory of the game and how it works.

After the Migration

Q1 - The new settings are preventing iMessage from working, I use that to communicate with my child/ren after school hours?

We are still trying to perfect the settings for the BYOD iPads.

The intended outcome is that iMessage will be blocked while the device is within the School Premises (School Mode). Once it leaves school, the Meraki App should immediately detect it isn't at school and turn 'Home Mode' on.
In 'Home Mode', all Apps and Settings change over to be controlled by Parents (iMessage allowed).
We haven't been able to fully test this feature with Cellular Devices, however, we do know that this works well with WiFi devices once they connect to an internet connection outside of school.

If you find that your child/ren's iPad is often in 'School Mode' while at home, if you could please let us know and we will investigate and fix that from happening in the future.

Q2 - Messenger Kids is now restricted, is there a way that this can be accessible on my child/ren's device?

Messenger Kids (along with any other Social Media Apps) are limited while the device is in 'School Mode' (at School). When the iPad leaves school it will automatically revert back to 'Home Mode' which will remove any School Restrictions.

Q3 - We cannot reinstall some Apps, I understand that some are for 12+ however, we would like to allow them to use them?

We are still trying to perfect the settings for the BYOD iPads.

While the iPad is in 'School Mode' we only allow 'School Approved' Apps. When the device leaves the school it will automatically change to 'Home Mode', which has no restrictions. It may take a minute or two to activate 'Home Mode' once the device is at home.