STEM Learning

The Science program is taught to Years 3-6 during Terms 3 and 4.

Science at the Horsham West Campus is delivered with a ‘hands-on’

approach. Students explore the unknown, investigate mysteries,

make predictions and solve problems. An overlying focus of

sustainability runs throughout the program.

Students investigate the areas of chemical, earth and space,

physical and biological science.

Children are encouraged to think about and investigate the world

around them on a local, national and global level and apply what

they learn to their own lives.

More information coming soon!

Robotics Team 2018

The Team

Collaboration & Team Work

Judging Time

While we didn’t bring home any trophies, the Haven robotics team is be commended on their perseverance, their attitude and their hard work over the past term or so. The team work they displayed, the support they gave each other and their ability to work under pressure was fantastic. It didn’t go our way to start with, being judged on our designs literally 5 minutes after arriving, but they handled the pressure well and persevered. Well done to all the students - you represented the school very well. Thanks to Mr Craig Amos for driving the bus!

Human Powered Vehicles 2018

More information in regards to Human Powered Vehicles coming soon.